Mysticism of A Crystal Rock Fountain

For centuries, the crystal has held so many mysteries regarding its astonishing healing powers. The word crystal is taken from the ancient Greek word “krustallos”. This word taken from the meaning of its root means “anything set in ice”. True to its form, most crystals appear like solid forms of frozen ice.

Most forms of crystals you see today are used to adorn women’s bodies in the form of jewelry. They are set into earrings, bracelets and pendants. They come in a myriad of colors and shapes. How these beautiful pieces of mineral formations where formed from the bosoms of Mother Earth is one of the mysteries that science is still trying to unlock.

In science, crystals are looked upon as a composition of atoms, molecules and ions arranged together in a repeating pattern. This definition explains its opaque luster which is also why its appearance is so appealing enough to be appreciated as a form of adornment. In ancient Geometry however, crystals were used to calculate measurements especially those dealing with distances caused by light.

However, in the Chinese art of geomancy, otherwise known as Feng Shui, crystals possess mysterious healing powers depending on its color and its kind. A lot of enterprising businessmen bank on people’s demand for good health and good fortune in their hopes for a better life. Therefore, crystals have become popular not only in its jewelry form but in other forms of art that you can display around the house.

One of the most intriguing representations of this most sought after mineral is the Crystal Rock fountain. This home accessory is created by Traditional Fountains, a famous name in the manufacture of quality fountains. This water fountain is designed to look like an irregularly shaped slab of crystal that seems to glow with the iridescent colors of the rainbow. Water cascades down its ridges as it spills into the square base below. The gentle sound of water flowing is truly relaxing and brings you the calmic powers crystals are known for.

The Crystal Rock Fountain measures 3 ¼” in diameter and 6 ½” high. It is made of polyresin and ABS plastic with battery operated LED lights. It is a wonderful complement to any home interior. Its size makes it so convenient to be placed on any flat surface may it be on the center of a table, a stand or a countertop. It is a wonderful gift for any occasion and will truly delight anyone of any age.

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