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Excellent englischsprachiges Poker ebook rund um das Thema Poker Mindset.
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Every move a poker player makes is to tell a story.
For the previous 4 days in that wsop Main Event Championship, my story telling skills had been spot.Others are to get us to lay down.The UK pro has amassed a huge 11,274,978 playing online under the screen name Moorman1, making him by far the biggest online tournament winner in the history of the game.Whats so interesting to me about competing in poker events and at live cash games, is that we must become good story tellers.

In this groundbreaking book, Taylor and Hilger lay bare the secrets of the Poker Mindset: seven core attitudes and concepts that ensure you have the optimal emotional, psychological, and behavioral framework for playing superior poker.
Until next time, remember my mindset motto: Play the cards life deals you as if youve already won.
Opponents: How to determine your competitors' mental and emotional processes so that you can dominate, out think and outplay them.
Despite the fact that I finished in the top 4 women out of nearly 6,400 players, there is still a part of me that feels like a failure.
Despite the fact that its been many years, I remember the feeling in the pit of my stomach the moment I felt that fear.The Poker Mindset may be the most valuable poker book you will ever read.Consequently, propability of poker hands with wild ards a new book has now been published charting the rise and fall of the business whiz entitled Alligator Blood charting the rise and fall of the young.About Donna Blevins, view all posts by Donna Blevins.The Poker Mindset deeply explores vital topics that most poker books only touch upon: - Tilt: What it really is, why and when you are most prone to it, and how you can avoid.Doyle Brunson Endorses Moormans Book of Poker, in November, poker fans will be treated to a strategy book from tournament pokers top honcho Chris Moorman.