planet bonus sins of a solar empire

Development build cost 20, ancient Archaeology, max population.
Carbon: a carbon rich and starcraft 2 bonus pool oxygen poor planet with high pressure levels.
Automated Factories, ship build cost -15, bonus constructors.
And many more textures.The need to survive forces each to expand into the unknown, discovering worlds of hazard, wealth, risk, and mystery.Ice Giants: the gas giants colder version.New Planet Specialization System, edit, dedicate worlds to either social or industrial output.Infinite Space has a minimod which scales down all units and structures down by 75, this adds in realism and atmosphere.A few examples, civilian Infrastructure will erect space elevators on your planets which will increase tax from your planets.It was released on June 5, 2013.New Planet Types, edit, four new planet types, Barren, Ferrous, Greenhouse, and.

If friendly culture (yours or an ally's) is dominant at a planet, the allegiance will increase up to its maximum.
References Edit Sins Forums: Forbidden Worlds Released.
Volcanic Planets are useful for their Metal asteroids in orbit.
Constructing Culture Centers within your empire will increase your allegiance by 10 up to the maximum, granting you 10 increased income, as well as making it more difficult for your enemies to sabotage.
New envoirnments and rendering, in Infinite Space, planets are rendered completely different creating dramatic terminators.Credits, knowledge: The official soase forums!If it drops to 0, your colony will revolt and be lost.At an allegiance of 70, credit, metal, and crystal income rates are cut.Compare these situations(Homeworld is represented by the X Sum Sum490 In the second, your allegiance has increased 45, which represents a 10 increase in your overall income.