Severing Slash : Heavy Physical attack on one target.
In addition to this, keep one teammate zawór lpg podłączenie bingo s4 on the task of healing you and other members.
Go past it and then past the stairs as well to get to a safe room for this area.
After a brief cutscene, deposit your coins to lower the bridge.
Steal the Treasure in each Palace before the deadline.Persona 4 Golden added two more!Take him with you.Time to fight Sae.There's no other way.Once you cross the machine, hang right and enter a small room for a chest.Head past this door to find a Safe Room.At this point, you need to head inside the secret area.Stick to the left-hand-side wall until you come across a vent.You will be in a large game room.Head back up to the High Limit Floor when you're ready.Do not attack her during the spinning of the table or she'll take away whatever the "bet" is noted.

She will occasionally start the roulette again and allow you to bet.
They have very low health (200 each so taking them down should be no issue for you, even with damage items if needed.
They are weak to Bless and Electric attacks, so bring Akechi and/or Ryuji into the maze.Once in the room that is lit, head through the door on the west wall.You must go it alone.At the end of the hall, take a left and go up the stairs.Ever since, persona 3, the, persona games have had both good and bad endings, asking players to make a pivotal decision late in the calendar year that will determine the ultimate fate of their hero.