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Briefcase: In the money room on lotto prezenterzy top right of the map, there is a brown briefcase containing a sword.
Bouncers: Traps: Gasoline in bottom right room to start a fire 2 bear traps; one near the right side door of the house, one on the left side door of the house.Population ranges from.Dumping sites: A sewer, in front of right window Brief case: An orange briefcase can be found in the bottom left room, and another one slightly to the right from the middle.You need 3 level 3 shops, but you must sell clothes 25 vertise clothing shop for all the time.People can be shoved into the fans on the top and the right of the map.Traps: 2 gumball machines, on the bottom of the map, and on the top of the boat next to the table A punch bowl on the table on top of the boat A speaker in the main area On the bottom side of the boat.Beartrap outside to the far right.Neon Top Party Edit The fourth in a series of story mode levels, you are at a rooftop party called the glow neon with 50 victims.Download (4.54 Mb after downloading.zips file rename the and open it with any compression program.However, the party goers may become aggressive and knock you out, if only for a few seconds.

A manhole in front of the house, to the right.
Events: Biker will beat up people in the main room of the party, gry planszowe pudełka na karty Triggered by biker saying "What did you say about my mama?" Cops will be called by other party goers after he kills someone.
You don't have to save 1500 coins before building Level 16, build disco first but advertise bar for all the time.The original Party Hard game released on PC, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, and Android.They're all just stuck on the bus with you.Dumping Sites: Gap in the railing: Top middle and on the right.If the player does this, they must be careful of the bouncer that walks around that part of the boat, if he is still alive.

Traps: 2 speakers on both sides of the dance floor A hanging electrical wire on stage Car with bow on it will run over anyone in front of the building Oven in the kitchen to the left can be broken to explode Gasoline in kitchen.