We moved to Gilmerton.
One was just outside our bedroom, I can remember all these wee things clear keno 2 fevrier 2018 as a bell." Eric Gold, East End, London: February 7, 2006.
After Mass, I was followed outside by two parishioners who said I couldn't attend Mass ragged and dirty. .Holyrood Road "My grandfather, Alexander Hay was the attendant at the gasholder in Holyrood Road." Shops "I remember in Saint Mary Street: - Horsburgh, the chemist - Mr Wightman, the grocer - Mr Simon, the baker I also remember: - Robinson's dairy - Tusi's ice cream.On the corner at the Pleasance was Young's Bar.We were living in two rooms.Was it 5 Middle Arthur Place?He worked at Leonard Street or Lane circa 1925-55.My mum would get a little extra.She was a very pretty, tall blond girl.

I return to Edinburgh frequently to visit family and friends. .
My prize coin was an Argentine peso with Eva Perons head. .
Check out my answers, hERE!It was also used for cooking and baking. .If you went to his surgery, (in those days you didn't make appointments you entered by the waiting room, and left casino tickets booking by another door from the examination room straight on to the street.I know that some have passed. .The meter readers all had a great sense of humour.